Welcome to Comprehensive Human Capital Solutions

Comprehensive Human Capital Solutions (CHCS) is committed to enabling organizations, teams, leadership, managers, and non-management professionals to increase their effectiveness and performance levels. The ultimate business goal is to achieve a higher return on your investment in Human Capital by offering a comprehensive set of services with an intense focus on the Human Capital asset. Enablement is provided through customized and tailored solutions:

  • Employee Surveys and Assessments
  • Leadership and Management Training
  • Executive Coaching
  • Human Resource Systems and Management

We know your organization is unique with specific constraints and stressors. Each of our solutions is developed to meet your individual needs, your budget, and your schedule. Flexibility and adaptability is at the foundation of our service-delivery model.

Our Differentiation – Client Focused

  • Methodology – comprehensive, quantitative and qualitative
  • Creativity and customization – solutions developed and tailored to each client
  • Appreciation of client resource time constraints – modularization or combination
  • Value proposition – service based fees versus number of participants

Our Values – Principal Based

  • Client success is CHCS success (win/win)
  • Trust-based, long-term relationships with our clients
  • Respect at all levels within a client organization
  • Maintaining a culture of learning and continuous professional growth
  • Pursuit of excellence in every deliverable and outcome for our clients
  • Under promise; over deliver

Discovery Session
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Case Studies

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