Today’s challenging economic times have been particularly difficult for nonprofit organizations. Many of them are faced with an increased demand for services while they experience a decline in resources and funding. Essentially, they are being asked to do more with less but to a greater extent than most industries. As a result, the majority of nonprofits have very small staffs and limited budgets, which compound their leadership and management complexities. Many non-profit managers have been promoted based on subject matter expertise and individual performance versus strong managerial skills. Lack of sufficient funds can make it difficult for non-profits to attract and retain the best management talent. Constrained by the size of the organization, lack of career development and advancement reward opportunity can encourage staff turnover. Although non-profits may have budget constraints, they still must invest in Human Capital.

CHCS understands and appreciates these challenges. As a result, we offer an effective, customized, and most importantly, affordable solution that meets your needs as well as your budget.

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