Employee Survey Assessments

Survey-based assessments are one of the most effective methods available to uncover opportunities to grow the bottom line in your organization. Whenever you want to get from point A to point B, you need a clear understanding of your starting point. Survey-based assessments help to establish a baseline metric to do just that by providing a comprehensive appraisal of your current state. You will gain valuable insight and information that will enable you to create a go-forward plan to achieve your goals.

CHCS offers four types of survey assessments focused on:

  1. Employee Engagement Survey Assessment
  2. Employee / Job Satisfaction Survey Assessment
  3. Organization Effectiveness and Pulse Survey Assessment
  4. Customer Satisfaction Survey Assessment

CHCS offers a menu of related services to ensure that you are testing the right metrics that translate to improved business outcomes. From survey design, survey administration, analysis of survey responses, to development of a final report and presentation, we will help you every step of the way. We will provide you with a final report that includes an executive summary, survey findings, and a list of recommended actions.

Further, our approach combines this quantitative perspective with additional qualitative input. Through a well-constructed selection process, we will interview a representative sample of employees to gather a deeper understanding of the survey findings. This qualitative input adds meaning to the numbers. It is an effective method for uncovering your employees’ perspective on potential performance inhibitors as well as a means to gain additional insight.

Our third-party position tends to significantly increase participation levels and the quality of the feedback. Be assured that you will receive open, honest, and candid feedback from the survey respondents.

Remember, in order to start your journey, you have to know your starting point.

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