Employee / Job Satisfaction Satisfaction Survey Assessment

Do you know what your employees need from your company in order to maximize their loyalty and satisfaction? Do you know what it will take to provide your employees with an experience that will make them eager to come to work every day? Discovering details about your employees’ satisfaction will enable you to develop a stronger, more engaged, and ultimately more profitable business.

Satisfaction surveys reveal employees’ feelings, motivations, opinions, and attitudes about important aspects of their work roles, relationships, and organizational factors that affect morale, commitment, and productivity. Following the same process and approach as with Employee Engagement surveys, our clients use these types of survey assessments to establish a measurable, quantitative baseline to use as a gauge over time. The qualitative input from write-in commentary and complementary interviews uncover concealed information, suggestions, and insight across the company. This valuable input leads to opportunities for improvement as well as reinforcing established good practices. CHCS can assist you in the creation and implementation of a focused plan of attack to address the findings from the survey assessment results.

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