Organization Effectiveness & Pulse Survey Assessment

Our clients identify specific areas of concern within their companies, for example, the effectiveness of a particular function within the organization. Special focus surveys are used to address these concerns and to discover ways to make performance gains or other types of improvements.

Another specific special focus survey is called a Pulse Survey. Once a baseline has been established for metrics related to Employee Engagement or Employee Satisfaction, for example, a smaller scale, directed survey can be administered by CHCS. These can be targeted at the original survey population or directed to specific segments of the workforce. They are usually conducted between annual surveys and can be used to determine progress or to reveal your employees’ perspective regarding a pending initiative or a recent change.

The valuable input that you will receive leads to opportunities for improvement as well as reinforcing established good practices. CHCS can assist you in the creation and implementation of a focused plan of attack to address the findings from the survey assessment results.

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