Behavioral Assessment Workshops

True Colors Based Workshops

As the basis for one of our workshop series, we utilize a behavioral assessment tool offered by True Colors International, to help us address significant workplace concerns including conflict resolution, team building, improved communication, and collaboration. As certified True Colors facilitators, we have the support of the international corporate organization in our delivery of services using the tool. 
True Colors is an easy, effective, user-friendly personality assessment and communication system that we use to stimulate personal and professional development and to support organizational transformation. Basically, True Colors “paints” a personality with four colors: orange, green, blue, and gold. One of the most unique attributes is it recognizes that a person has a personality spectrum where one color is typically more dominant, that color “shines” more brightly in the spectrum. This spectrum enables you to easily diagnose what colors – personality styles – are more natural to you than others.

This research-based tool provides us with an opportunity to better understand others and ourselves. By promoting personal awareness that fosters confidence, respect, and self-assurance, people have a greater ability to communicate and engage more effectively with their co-workers, friends, and family.

The strength and power of True Colors is that it takes the elaborate method of understanding personality theory and distills it into a practical tool that is fun to use and easy to apply. A True Colors workshop will provide an opportunity to enhance your staff’s professional relationships by differentiating the variety of motivations, communication styles, and behaviors according to each color. The techniques and suggestions are also easy to adopt and to integrate into your organizational foundation.

True Colors offers a vocabulary for articulating what is behind the behaviors and perceptions of employees (managers and non-managers.) With this new language and an understanding of the co-worker’s color spectrum, non-productive and potentially negative perceptions can be re-framed to a more positive and productive understanding. Conflicts and contention can be greatly reduced, resulting in a more harmonious and collaborative workplace.

We can tailor our True Color workshops to fit your company’s needs. Whether the workshop is focused on conflict resolution, team building, or communication improvement, it is guaranteed to be a fun, interactive, and memorable experience for all of your staff. An added bonus is that True Colors has a tremendous trickle-down effect. When people increase their self-awareness they are often anxious to share their insights and learn about their coworkers.

Some recognized benefits:

  • Understand and appreciate characteristics of self and others
  • Recognize own and others’ values, joys and strengths
  • Reduce potential conflict, frustration, and stress
  • Build and promote self‐esteem, respect, dignity, worthiness, and confidence
  • Deepen relationships and create a more harmonious environment
  • Obtain strategies for working with each color
  • Enhance communication skills
Would you like to increase your teams’ effectiveness by leveraging each person’s strengths and containing their weakness? Would your employees benefit from obtaining a deeper awareness of how they are perceived by other people? If so, contact us today to schedule a consultation.




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