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One way to improve the overall performance and engagement of your employees is to invest in an organizational retreat.   Whether the outing spans several hours or several days, your employees will have the opportunity to take a break from the stress of their day-to-day duties, freshen their perspective and reignite their passion for work.

A primary benefit of an organizational retreat is the opportunity for your employees to strengthen the bonds they have with one another. They will foster a sense of shared unique experiences and build memories that will enliven conversation when they return to the office.   When people have a chance to unwind, the communication lines open up spurring conversations that may not have otherwise occurred which should allow them to get to know each other at a deeper level.

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Trust and respect is fostered when people have a sense of camaraderie and have shared experiences. With a culture of enhanced trust and respect, counterproductive workplace behaviors can be minimized and workplace efficiency can be heightened.

Since offsite retreats tend to stimulate creative, out-of-the-box thinking, it is a perfect environment for strategic planning sessions, problem solving, developing teamwork, and enhanced learning. You may elect to take advantage of this valuable time to create and/or examine your organizational goals, plans, and objectives. Whatever your objectives are for an organizational retreat, you can be assured that your employees will have a chance to have fun, get to know one another better, and think about your organization with a fresh perspective.

Aviary retreat 3It is very important that you are crystal clear about the focus and goals of your retreat. CHCS will help you create a retreat that will meet your business goals while maintaining a balance of fun and focus. We will help you determine the ideal location, attendees, objectives, and learning activities.  As certified facilitators, we are capable of developing a customized learning curriculum as well as facilitating your learning and development sessions. With our attention to detail, we guarantee that everything will run smoothly and you will have the opportunity to enjoy and participate in the retreat alongside your team.

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