Employee Surveys Testimonials

“We were very pleased in our experience with CHCS. Tracey and her team were professional, competent, and engaging to work with. We felt as if they really took the time to understand our needs and work to actively engage our employees in the process – especially in conducting the interviews. 
CHCS was as committed to respecting our employees’ confidentiality as they were in attaining a high level of detail in their final report. Most of all, our executive team received exactly what we needed at the end of the process – a concise snapshot of where we are as it relates to employee engagement to measure against our strategic plan.
We will use CHCS again in the future to survey our organization against the benchmark we started in 2007. I highly recommend them to any business, regardless of industry, which is committed to attract, develop, and retain their talent.”
Christy Uffelman

Formerly VP of employee and organizational development

Mascaro Construction Company


‘Tracey Palmieri did a wonderful job at engaging the trust of our employees allowing them to open up and share valuable information about their level of engagement in their job. This information is invaluable to the organization and a key starting point in planning the future of the organization.”
Cheryl Tracy, CPA
Managing Director
National Aviary


“Our company had recently gone through a restructuring and culture change. Tracey Palmieri’s involvement in developing and conducting our first survey after these changes couldn’t have been a better decision. She was able to work with our employees and gain their trust which enabled us to obtain valuable insight in how best to improve our company’s culture and move forward in a positive manner. Working with Tracey was a pleasure! It was great to see someone so excited about what they do. Her enthusiasm was welcomed and contagious!”
Karen M. Conroy
Manager, HR & Administration
Performance Review Institute 


“We have used Tracey on numerous occasions that has helped us identify areas in which the organization can grow and continue to develop.  Her professionalism, frankness and knowledge has made it easy for us to continue to trust her in getting the job done and delivering what the employees expect for a more rewarding career.”
Michael R. Mascaro
Vice President/COO


“Mascaro is a great company to work for. The fact that Mascaro gets outside consultants (like Tracey) to help them deal with internal issues is great since it shows that they are constantly trying to improve.”
Mascaro employee


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Cheryl Tracy / National Aviary