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“True Colors is an amazing program that clearly explains four different personality groups and how they can interact productively despite the differences. It is very unique because it gives tools and methods to communicate with people who may have a different perspective than you. When you know what motivates or discourages a person, it is easier to know how to have a positive conversation. Tracey is using True Colors at the National Aviary to help teach the staff how to efficiently communicate with co-workers. This program has already improved the teamwork and morale. True Colors is a straight-forward, easy program that gives essential insight into developing strong working relationships. It has already benefited the National Aviary.”
Dr. Pilar Fish
Director of Veterinary Medicine
The National Aviary


“The True Colors training was an excellent team building exercise! Our management team was able better understand how to work with one another based on their “True Color”. Not only did it help us to be able to understand who is detail oriented, which staff need to know “how you are doing”, and why some team members are analytical, but, the training was a refreshing break from our day to day work. We continue to refer to what we had learned and use to it in our work to continue building a cohesive team! It was time well spent and a worthwhile investment.”
Brenda Fronzaglio
Early Childhood Services
Community Action Southwest


Praise for Tracey and True Colors:

“Understanding others and dealing with others does make one a better communicator therefore the True Colors training increases work productivity.”

“All colors are necessary for a productive team; understanding and utilizing the information from the training will significantly increase team productivity.”

“I learned how to deal with my staff on a daily basis and how to make everyone feel valued.”

“This workshop is a starting point to better understand those I work with, making it easier to work together.”

“I gained insight into how I view the world and how I interact with my coworkers. I believe that I will be able to use this information in the future to communicate more efficiently.”

“True Colors teaches practical skills that can be used daily and significantly improves work productivity.”

“Everyone is an individual and ‘colors’ helps provide insight into dealings on all levels with others, professional and personal.”

“I learned skills to work with others – recognizing improved ways to communicate.’

‘It can be challenging to understand your co-workers – especially when things don’t go smoothly. This training helps to shed light on how to appreciate everyone’s differences and how to capitalize on their strengths’

‘I learned how to deal with my staff on a daily basis, and how to make everyone feel valued.”

“I highly recommend this training to groups to discover co-workers strengths.”

“This particular interpersonal program is more worthwhile than others because it rates people, but does not devalue any particular personality type.”

“I would like more people from our company involved in True Colors.”

“I would like more training with Tracey!”

“True Colors teaches practical skills that can be used daily and significantly improves work productivity. 

All colors have strengths. Everyone can learn to play (work) well with others. The methodology behind categorizing personalities is surprisingly accurate and fun to explore.”

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